Big Changes To Our Show Start This Weekend


Beach Talk Radio is moving to Margaritaville as of this Saturday. We’re also moving the show back one hour to a 10AM start. We’ll be broadcasting from the License to Chill Bar which is on the Margaritaville Sunset Terrace. The Gulf of Mexico will be our backdrop.

The License to Chill Bar is open to the public. Breakfast is served starting at 7AM and the bar opens for service at 9AM.

In addition to the Saturday change we are moving our Mondays With The Mayor program with Mayor Dan Allers to Sunday at 11AM and it will be live at Wahoo Willie’s as of December 10th. Wahoo Willie’s recently announced the restaurant is open for breakfast and brunch every weekend at 9AM.

All of our show will continue to be broadcast live on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel.


  1. Thank you Ed and Kim for all you have done to provide communication through difficult times and shed light on pertinent issues. Much appreciated.

  2. BTR has been a fantastic asset to all of us. Sorry to see the financial hit this move will have on Willie’s but I don’t know the background. I would bet this was discussed with them before a final decision was made. Monday’s probably a compromise all could live with. This rinky dink podcast continues to grow and thrive and help so many of us. Bigger things are on the horizon. My thanks to all you have done and continue to do for us Ed and Kim. Not only have you adopted us but we will always consider you official “beach peeps”

  3. Of course, you have only catered to the rich, snowbirds and tourists so you should have a spot right in the middle of the biggest tourist net available right now. Catch em but don’t forget to tell them about how they can’t enjoy the body of water that they actually come from. People need to listen to what is actually going on and not the veil you have put over it all.

    • Azile,
      Margaritaville is one of the few places open that anyone can rent a room so that might answer your question about where. What is wrong with them setting up shop there to advertise. The rooftop is open to everyone. You can go have breakfast or lunch there without staying in their facility. If you go online you will see that you can get a room for $240.00 a night. That is about average for this time of year. Some places that is low. Go to Miami or Naples and check it out. For sure BTR does not cater to the rich. If you have tuned in you would definitely see that. I know Fort Myers Beach has changed. I am sorry but it will never be like it was. But you have to look at the good and I think Fort Myers Beach people are working really hard to come back. People are giving of their time and money to try to find and preserve a little of the past. Take for example the street signs, the man that saved his garage, the lady that is doing landscape on her own, and many many meetings where people’s livelihood was discussed that nobody would have know about. BTR shows the good and bad. I know people are still hurting. But lashing out is not the way to go. I hope you find some peace.

    • Can’t fight stupid. I’ve tried but I’m incapable, I’m out stupided by people like Azile. I live on Estero Island, been here 15 years. I’m not rich, not a snow bird but I was a tourist for many years. I was very fortunate to find a cottage in 2008 that survived the storm structurally. We were out 11 months, back in now. Thank you Ed and Kim for all you do for us!

    • People really need to worry about themselves. When you can commit to a perfectly lived life or you are as close to omniscient/omnipotent as one human can be, then spare me your criticisms.

  4. Congrats to you both. It only most knew all you did for this town. Behind the scenes you orchestrated an information highway. This allowed folks to get answers. You got supplies donated. The countless hours dedicated to the island where you don’t even live is truly a gift to the beach.


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