How To Donate To Our Hurricane Relief Fund


Beach Talk Radio has partnered with The Community Foundation and The Woman’s Club on Fort Myers Beach (both are 5013cs) to raise funds for the residents in the 33931 zip code. As of October 6th at 5PM we have raised over $156,000. Here’s how you can contribute

By PayPal: @BeachTalkRadio

By Venmo Edward-Ryan-14

We also have Zell

We are delivering checks to those two organizations on a regular basis. All of the money spent is being meticulously documented for complete transparency. We are positing picture to our Facebook page of Fort Myers Beach we are providing supplies to. You can trust that 100% of the money is getting into the hands of Fort Myers Beach residents quickly.

Residents who live in the 33931 zip code can go to this link. They fill out a quick form proving they live on the beach. The Community Foundation and Woman’s Club does a quick vetting (to prevent scammers from trying to steal your money, and those people are paid via Zell.

Kim and I thank you for your trust and we thank you for your donations. Please keep spreading the word. This story will fall off the pages of the national and local press soon. It will never fall off our front page.


  1. Junkanoo, Liki Tiki, YoTaco, Shuckers, Mantanzas, Yucatan, SOB’s, Dirty Nellies, Mango Rita’s, Pierside Grill, Sunset Bar, so many more I am missing. These fantastic businesses were my pub crawl for 14 years. Not to mention all the souvenir shops I always had to visit looking for more Ft Myers Beach garb! They will be sorely missed. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REBUILD!! DO NOT BAIL ON US. YOU WERE A FORCE OF PLEASURE AND DELIGHT FOR MILLIONS! YOU HAVE TO COME BACK!!! WE ARE ALL COUNTING ON YOU! DO NOT LET HIGH RISES REPLACE YOU!! WE WILL BE BACK TO SUPPORT YOU! CAN I GET AN AMEN??

  2. I am heart broken beyond belief for the beautiful island, the people and community. My grandparents built their home on the island in 1954 on Anchorage St. and I have been coming to this heavenly place since I was six
    and shelled with my grandmother, learned to clean shrimp and loved walking the beautiful beach. I have owned this home for almost 22 yrs since their passing as a family home where more memories were being made with my grandchildren. My dream was for my husband and I to spend more time in the winters when we retired, get involved with the community and one day pass this old beautiful home we have worked on so hard down to another generation. Hurricane Ian has forever changed this dream. FMB will forever be my 2nd home with or without a house to come back to. I am praying for all those affected by Ian. I hope and pray that someday FMB will again be a thriving community for families to enjoy. There was nothing better than to be greeted by the island as you came over the top of the bridge and saw the beauty of the gulf, colors of the shops, parasails in the sky, shrimp boats in the bay and music on the beach. I was home.

  3. How can I find out if someone is ok on fort Myers beach. Heard that there is a web site. I am looking for info on Ann LaForce.

  4. We have a timeshare at the CBC and have been coming down to FMB for over 40 years from Evergreen Park, IL. It is our little slice of heaven. We are completely devastated by Ian’s destruction and for so much loss on FMB . Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the hurricane. We know you will all come together and rebuild and restore the area to it’s beautiful original state! We are making a donation to help provide some relief. Thank you to everyone helping out during this most difficult time!! Our prayers are with everyone affected in Florida.

  5. Long ago I fell in love with Ft. Myers Beach’s birds, dolphins, trees, sandy beach, Santini Plaza, Junkanoo, and people — such lovely, warm, welcoming people. This loss is horrifying. I will help you recover, & you will recover. You will be like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes — cleaning away debris, restoring water pipes & electricity & Internet services, healing your earth, the gulf & inner waterways, nurturing plants & animals, reconstructing roads, restaurants, businesses, the library, your homes & gardens reimagining them in the most spectacular way possible. Ft. Myers Beach will rise again to become more beautiful than ever!

  6. I’m living here in Pennsylvania but have been coming down to the Fort Myers Beach area for 40 years. I have so many friends and family there. I feel so helpless right now. I’m heartbroken and devastated with the amount of loss everyone has suffered. Praying for everyone.

  7. I would like to help clean up or help people retrieve their items. Physically, How can i help or if i came, what organization should i contact to help Floridians to rebuild?

  8. I grew up on this island. My grandparents and then my parents owned a business right on the beach. Seeing this devastation is heartbreaking. I truly hope that everyone is safe.

  9. I’d like to help.. Offer business service.. I plan to come down; I have home in FMB RV Resort on San Carlos, and am waiting to hear condition.

  10. My home away from home, My happy place
    Twice a year we come to FMB, November and May, I’m just heartbroken for FMB. Prayers to all in FMB

  11. Our favorite place to be! Our hearts are breaking for the destruction and loss of life. We love Fort Myers Beach and pray for all of you and your beautiful community. 💔

  12. My heart is hurting where I can’t even comprehend how sad I feel for everyone, animals, business and just overall loss. We love you Ft. Myers all the way from Wisconsin!! We are here for you and will help how we can!! “We will be back!!!”


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