Next Single Member District Meeting Set


The second town hall discussion about single-member representation at the Lee County level will be held Wednesday, June 26th at 5:30 at the Bonita Springs Recreation Center. 4 elected officials from the Florida state delegation are hosting the meeting.

Senator Jonathan Martin and Representatives Adam Botana, Tiffany Esposito and Mike Giallombardo are hosting the meeting. Single-member districts would change they way the Lee County Board members are chosen. Currently, even though each of the 5 Lee County Board members is assigned a district voters throughout the county can vote for each Commissioner. In a single-member district system, voters within that assigned district would only be able to vote for their commissioner.

The 4 delegation members will also discuss going to a 7-member board of Commissioners. They say with Lee County approaching 1 million people over the next few years, more members of the board may be needed to manage that larger population.

Lee County Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass has been vocally against the change. He believes it will limit how each commissioner can help constituents across the county. He also believes if Lee County voters wanted these changes the Lee County charter has ways to set them in motion and the state doesn’t need to meddle in local affairs.

One meeting on the topic was held in Lehigh and became very heated at times. Any change would go before the voters in a future referendum.


  1. The local delegation is holding a town hall to get the voters input. What a joke Botana has already shown his hand by trying to consolidate independent districts. This is for the politicians not the pubic. Consolidate what they can’t control and expand what they can.


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