TPI Turnover Ceremony This Friday


On Friday Margaritaville developer TPI will host a ceremony to officially turn over ownership of a parking lot and beach access to the town of Fort Myers Beach. The ceremony will begin at 9AM.

TPI offered the parking lot to the town as a donation during the negotiations before the town approved the resort project.

The parking lot includes 22 spots in which the town will charge $5.00 per hour, and is expected to net between $225,000 and $250,000 per year in revenue. The lot also includes enough space for emergency vehicles to turn around.

It’s expected to be open for use by the public any day.

Margaritaville is expected to open in September of 2023.


  1. Margaritaville, Tom and Mari, and TPI, the gift that keeps on giving for the benefit of the Town, its businesses and its people.


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