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The Beach Kids Foundation has been helping local kids and families for over 25 years Annually distributing toys to Beach Kids at Christmas time. Traditionally, they gather presents and with the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department, and Santa, deliver presents throughout the neighborhoods.


FEMA Extends Deadline For Disaster Assistance

On Monday, FEMA announced that Hurricane Ian survivors who suffered damage to their property have additional time to apply for federal disaster assistance, with the application deadline extended to Jan. 12, 2023.

How to Order Our Yellow Army Shirt

There is only one way to order our new shirts. That's by clicking the link HERE. Making sure the form is filled out correctly will speed up the process. Marie will get back to you with payment instructions. Checks should be made out to FMBRebuild

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If you appreciate the work put into our Hurricane Ian coverage, nightly shows and local government coverage, you can help keep us in business by simply buying us a cup of coffee today. CLICK HERE.

Town Modifies Trailer Rules

The Fort Myers Beach Town Council announced today that property and business owners can now register to have recreational vehicles, mobile homes, trailers, retail stores, or food trucks.

The FMB Rebuilid Begins

As retail establishments open up on Fort Myers Beach, we will list them here with links to their website or Facebook pages. The first two locations to open are The Cigar Hut on Old San Carlos and Bayfront Bistro behind Publix.

The State Gets Involved In The 50% FEMA Rule

The State of Florida sent a letter to Lee County stating municipalities do not have the authority to allow homeowners a percentage (20% in the case of Fort Myers Beach) over the LEEPA structure evaluation for their rebuild.

The Beach School Needs Our Help

The Fort Myers Beach elementary teachers are preparing to teach their students after this devastating hurricane. The teachers, as well as the students, experienced major losses, and here's how we can all help.

Beach Bus Service Returning November 13

LeeTran will reintroduce its fixed-route bus services on Sunday, November 13th. Here's what beach residents can expect for bus service.

FEMA Providing Temporary Housing Assistance

At the request of the State of the Florida, FEMA approved Direct Temporary Housing Assistance, which may be provided to eligible applicants to meet their temporary housing needs.

Town Issue Electrical Guidelines

The town has issued specific instructions on what residents need to do to get their structures electrically safe before it can be occupied. Here's the full statement from the town...

Regular Trash Pickup Starts Tomorrow 

Despite the fact that some of you still have boats and homes in your yards, Lee County will begin collecting regular trash on Fort Myers Beach starting Wednesday, Oct. 12. Island residents are asked to leave the trash at the side of the road. 

$500 Cash Disbursements For Residents

The Fort Myers Beach Community Foundation, The Fort Myers Beach Woman’s Club and Beach Talk Radio have united to collect and donate to the residents of the 33931 zip code who are in need following the decedent impacts Hurricane Ian. Here's the plan to push the money out.