Megan Heil Steps Down From LPA


Megan Heil and her wife Renee are two extremely busy people. If you follow them on Facebook you see how often they are off on adventures enjoying life to its fullest. They are also no longer residents of Fort Myers Beach which led to Megan stepping down from her role as Chair of The Fort Myers Beach Local Planning Agency.

Heil told us she really wanted to wanted to stay and find a way to continue on the LPA but she just couldn’t make that happen. “I have enjoyed serving Fort Myers Beach and would have continued if I knew I could continue to give it my all. I choose to serve to be part of the solution, to help guide the growth and change on the island in a way I thought would be good for everyone. I’m not one to stand on the sidelines and just complain, there is always a solution, just takes good people with good hearts and minds to find it. Renee and I are still around hiding out just off Island.”

LPA committee member, and town council candidate, Karen Woodson said it’s been a privilege to serve with Megan on the LPA for the past year. “Megan’s commitment to best practices and her wealth of knowledge of the town’s ordinances and planning/zoning codes will be sorely missed and hard to replace.  She was truly committed to the welfare of the citizens of this town and the natural characteristics of our island as a whole.  I wish Megan the absolute best in her future endeavors.”

LPA committee member Patrick Vanesse told Beach Talk Radio News Megan’s leadership as chair of the LPA will certainly be missed. “She gave years of service to this community and expected nothing in return other than better government. She was knowledgeable and fair and helped uphold the town’s LDC and Comprehensive Plan while being compassionate with applicants navigating through a complex regulatory system. We wish her the best on her next adventure and know that she’ll be making friends wherever she goes.”

Megan was appointed to serve on the LPA back in December of 2016 and appointed Chair in 2018. She was re-elected as the Chair every year since 2018. Jane Plumber will move up to Chair for the time being until the committee elects a new chairperson and vice chair.

Megan appeared on Beach Talk Radio five times since the show launched 4 years ago.

Megan and Renee own a company called Reefbox.


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