Free Beach Tram Returns in 9 Days


LeeTran’s free tram on Fort Myers Beach is back beginning November 16. The tram will run about every 35 minutes, seven days a week from the Fort Myers Beach Public Library to Bowditch Point Park.

Service begins at 9:30 a.m. daily at Fort Myers Beach Public Library and ends with the last tram leaving Bowditch Point Park at approximately 10:35 p.m.

Lee County Transit, LeeTran, is the public transit provider for Lee County.


  1. Not sure why tram can’t go further south? Why doesn’t that work? Hopefully this is just phase 1 and tram quickly expands service to Publix and Junkanoo.

  2. If we want to encourage visitors to not rent cars it would help if the tram ran to Publix. I have seen visitors trying to get Ubers to get them back to their rentals with their groceries and having no luck.

  3. The tram should run to publics/Junkanoo/fresh catch. There are a lot of rental houses mid island that would like transportation to time square area without waiting on the trolley that seems to be so unreliable.

  4. Can you simply flag down the tram if you are not located close to one of these pick up spots? And will the tram allow drop offs that are not at either location?


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