4 Sanibel Council Members to Serve on League


The Florida League of Cities, an organization that represents Florida’s local governments, has appointed 4 Sanibel council members to various legislative policy committees. That will give Sanibel a big voice in the League’s legislative agenda.

Mayor Holly Smith is appointed to her fourth term on the Municipal Administration Committee, which addresses municipal concerns with code enforcement, elections, emergency management, gaming, public records, public safety, procurement, and charter counties and special districts.

Vice Mayor Richard Johnson is appointed to the Utilities, Natural Resources & Public Works Committee, which is responsible for coastal management, energy, wastewater treatment and reuse, water management, and water quality and quantity policies. Previously he served on the Transportation & Intergovernmental Relations Committee.

Councilmember John Henshaw is appointed to the Transportation & Intergovernmental Relations Committee, which addresses municipal concerns relating to transportation and highway safety, aviation, affordable housing, building codes, charter schools, and veterans affairs.

Councilmember Mike Miller is appointed to the Finance, Taxation, & Personnel Committee, which addresses municipal roles in general finance and tax issues, Home Rule revenues, infrastructure funding, pension issues, collective bargaining, tax and budget reform, and workers’ compensation.