Farewell My Friend


(By John Lallo) This comes with a peaceful and heavy heart. We’ve lost a true American Hero. Pete Piergiovanni, Aka Uncle Pete. Our Great Uncle Pete was a catalyst in the early days of my father Pete in funding the famous Pete’s Time Out back in 1983.

This helped our family tremendously to the point we have built this business over the past 37+ years. Uncle Pete and Aunt Liz were a mainstay and host of Pete’s for most of those years. The were always helping clean tables, cleaning silverware, breaking down boxes, whatever it took for a measly salary of free food and beer for life.

They have always been a huge part of the Lallo family.

Uncle Pete served in the Army during WW2 and was part of the Battle of the Bulge campaign. A true hero of the greatest Generation.

He met my Aunt Lizzy, my Grandmother Margaret and Father Pete after the war ended in Essen, Germany. He sent a letter a year after his return to the states to the local beirgarten to contact Liz to reestablish a relationship with her. She was eager to come to America and they start their new life in Youngstown Ohio.

My grandmother then came to visit along with my Dad and he introduced my Grandmother to Bill Lallo a recent widower. The rest is history. Uncle Pete took care of this German family and is the reason I’m not eating sauerkraut in Essen Germany today.

He’s the Patriarch of our family and has touched and influenced many of our children and friends throughout his life.

Today he passed peacefully as his 99+ year heart stopped pumping.

Our world as a family is greater from his unselfishness and very gracious giving throughout our lives.

John Lallo is the owner of Pete’s Time Out and can be reached by e-mail at jwlallo@yahoo.com


  1. Knew Pete and Liz from traveling with the holiday condo cruise group. What a fun couple to know and roll models to follow. So sorry to hear of Pete passing. Because of his support the family will continue. 😎

  2. This should really be a celebration of a wonderful life. I am proud to have met “Uncle Pete” and wish the best for all the Lallo Clan during this time.
    Thank you for your service and may you Rest In Peace!

  3. This is so moving and a valuable piece of important local history. Your devotion and love for your Aunt and Uncle shines through in your eulogy. Clearly the best of the best. What a life story.

  4. So sorry for your loss, John and family. Sounds like you have great memories that are so precious!

  5. What an AMAZING story. Thank you for sharing. So very sorry for you and your familys loss. RIP

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