4th of July Fireworks Approved


On Monday, the town of Fort Myers Beach Town Council voted to approve 4th of July Fireworks. The vote to approve was unanimous. The 2020 fireworks celebration was canceled due to COVID. There will not be a parade this year.

The council needed to decide one way or the other on Monday in order to obtain all the necessary permits and documents to meet the deadlines needed to have the 4th of July celebration.

Mayor Ray Murphy said it was not a decision to be taken lightly. “People will be shoulder to shoulder. This is not a backyard barbeque. (COVID) Case numbers are going up, not down. I hope people continue to practice social distancing.”

The fireworks vendor, Garden State Fireworks, has been storing the fireworks since last year at a cost of $4,050.


  1. Let’s see the real reason the fireworks are going off. The town cancelled new years therefore, they had to lay a storage fee. If they didn’t utilize the contract from New Years writhing an allotted time they lost their money. Do some homework you will see this in the meeting from a few months ago. Comes down to use it or lose it.

  2. Stay locked up like a good little boy. Because dr fauci says so. Obey obey obey!!!! Now give me some matches I’ve got some sparklers to light.

  3. Florida Dept. Of Health reports for weeks have been showing increases in the number of infections across
    Lee County. We are eighth highest in infections among the 67 counties.
    A whole lot of Lee County residents come to the beach for the fireworks, creating big time crowds.

  4. Can someone PLEASE tell me where people are getting the numbers that cases are going up? I got an A+ in statistics in college and the real numbers in 33931 appear to me to be going DOWN.
    Jan 122
    Feb 78
    March 43
    April 24

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