Allers, Atterholt Stay in Charge


On Monday at the Fort Myers Beach Town Council meeting, Dan Allers was voted in as Mayor of Fort Myers Beach and Jim Atterholt was voted in as Vice Mayor. Every November the Town Council has to vote in a Mayor and Vice Mayor for one year. Neither position is elected. All Town Council members have equal power.


  1. This is my first ever comment.

    I want to say a very big THANK YOU to Dan and Jim for very hard work and making every effort to help rebuild our town. They are real people who care and reflect the best of the beach community. We had to completely rebuild our house and we see what is going on every day. I look forward to their leadership for as long as they want the thankless job. Again, thank you.

  2. Congratulations- true leadership encourages differing views and dissent – I see virtually none on TC .
    Please encourage differing opinions and stop with the GOVT picking winners and losers – we didn’t elect you guys for that –

  3. Congratulations on being reappointed as Mayor and Vice Mayor on the Beach. It’s been a devastating series of events this past year and your leadership and commitment to our community is greatly appreciated.
    All the best for 2024
    Thank you both


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