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State Insurance USA likes to provide our community of readers with helpful information on real-life situations they see happening every day to their customers. Today they’d like to share the difference between having your insurance canceled vs. non-renewed. Here’s what you should know…

What to do if your Policy is cancelled. Both a canceled policy and a non-renewal result in the need to get insurance elsewhere. But there are a couple of important differences.

When a policy is canceled, the coverage will end before the original term expires. This rarely happens except in cases of fraud or nonpayment. Insurance isn’t free, after all.

Insurance fraud may be lying on the policy application in order to get coverage or get higher coverage for a home not valued as high. It can also include making fraudulent claims.

A non-renewal means the insurance company reviewed the policy with the intent to renew but found the home no longer meets its requirements. Every company has its own underwriting guidelines, so what’s uninsurable for one company isn’t necessarily so for another.

Insurance companies must give you ample notice in either case: up to 20 days for a cancellation and 45 days for non-renewal so you can get new insurance in place.

Just because one insurance company has given you notice of non-renewal or cancellation doesn’t mean your home is uninsurable. There are usually things you can do to improve your eligibility and there are always other companies that will happily protect your home.

We look for companies that specialize in insuring “risky” states like Florida and we believe in serving homeowners who need our customized solutions the most.

What to Do If Your Homeowners Insurance Is Canceled?
If you get a cancellation or non-renewal notice, call your current insurance company right away. There may be something that can be done to keep coverage in force. For example, if you missed a payment, you may simply need to pay your premium. If you’re no longer living in your home, you may be able to get a landlord policy instead.

Sometimes insurers allow you to remedy the problem before the cancellation date. For example, if your old roof is the reason for your nonrenewal, you might be eligible for coverage once it’s replaced.

Shop around. One company may have a restricted breeds list and not insure homes that have German shepherds. Another company may happily insure your home regardless of the canine company you keep.

If you’ve been canceled or non-renewed, feel free to give State Insurance USA a call at 239-567-992 or visit then online at to see if they can help you out.