An Update on Our Friends From Afghanistan


On Episode #204 of Beach Talk Radio we told you about a family from Afghanistan that escaped the country just as the Taliban was taking over. Fort Myers Beach resident Dave Smith, and several other locals, have been helping Najib and his family settle in the area. Dave has an updated for us on how things are coming along…

(By Dave Smith) The boys are adjusting well to school. The middle schooler got a B on his first math test, he proudly says with a beaming smile. The teacher said to him, ‘you don’t even speak English, how did you get a B?’
The fifth grader has his first soccer match this weekend, and with brand new cleats thanks to the kind generosity of others.

The eldest son is in high school and when he gets home, gets straight to his studies.

And the first grader is loving school. He wasn’t so sure on day one, but on the way to school on day two, he couldn’t wait. I heard him reciting his ABC’s in the back seat.

Hogai, Najib’s wife, is a fantastic cook and her reputation is spreading quickly. Najib spoke to the Fort Myers Beach Woman’s Club and Hogai brought some delicious Afghan dishes – all very well received.

Of the all the Afghans that were placed here in December, Najib is the first to finish all the necessary paperwork. He now has a checking and savings account and he’s scheduled for his driver’s test next week.

On Thursday Najib had a job interview. It sounds perfect for him. It would be an opportunity to show his people and organizational skills while helping other immigrants like himself. He has great determination and is anxious to become, in his words, a good citizen. We’ve got our fingers crossed about this job opportunity for Najib.

At the end of this month, the family will move from temporary housing into a rental home. He will have assistance in this rental for up to 8 months and then will be on his own.

There are several of us here on the beach that have came up with a plan to help him and his family to become home owners. The problem we face, and this won’t be a surprise, is the difference in the price of a decent home, and the price he can afford, which is significant. We have set up a GoFundMe site “We Believe in this Family” to make up the difference and to help this family acquire permanent affordable housing.

We also have a Facebook group – FMB Afghanistan Family. On the page we post a lot of current information and the back story on this incredible family. Please join our group.

And please consider giving to our GoFundMe – We Believe in this Family.

On behalf of Najib – Thank You.

Dave Smith can be reached by e-mail at



  1. Everyone should go be what they are called to give, large or small amount. Just think if all your readers gave even $5, how much could be collected for this most deserving family. Thank you for the update on their well-being. I am going to join their FB page.


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