Anything Goes at FMBAA


The Fort Myers Beach Art Association & Gallery is presenting a new show in its main gallery called Anything Goes. The show, which runs through March 25th, includes paintings that artists did during the COVID lockdown.

Artists worked from their homes, both nearby and far away. All members of the Art Association have been encouraged to enter their “COVID ARTS” in this exhibition. For stimulation artists were presented with a “9-Week Painting Challenge” during April and May of 2020. Each Wednesday a photo and title was emailed to the artists. The artists would then either paint the photo or paint a similar subject of their choice. The following Tuesday the artists would share images of their paintings with fellow artists.

The titles were as follows:
Week 1 Fort Myers Beach Landmarks
Week 2 Leaves
Week 3 Supplies
Week 4 Palms
Week 5 Pets
Week 6 Drive By
Week 7 Memories
Week 8 Take out / Dine in
Week 9 Doorways

The gallery is now open Monday-Saturday 10-3pm with limited capacity and masking required. This is a working gallery, with artists working on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.