Are Leaf Blowers Too Loud?


Several member of the Fort Myers Beach Town Council believe gas-powered leaf blowers are too loud and they’ve instructed staff to start the process to ban them. Sanibel is in the process of banning gas-powered leaf blowers by the end of 2022. Vice Mayor Rexann Hosafros says Sanibel has already done the homework for us.


  1. I’d love it if all of Lee County would do this. Whiskey Creek is a constant ‘reeeeeeeee’ sound some days of the week. And yes, they are just charging us to blow leaves ‘around’ with no actual picking up as Rexann mentioned in the mtg.

  2. I think this town has more important thing to worry about than a flipping gas powered leaf blower!!! Once again they do not have their priorities in order..

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