Are The Turtles Still Hatching?


While turtle nesting/hatching season continues, there are no new nests to report this week on Fort Myers Beach. We’re still at 87 nests with 18 hatched nests according to Turtle Time.

Over on Sanibael there was a slight increase in nests with hatchling numbers continuing to rise. Sanibel East reports 138 loggerhead and 1 green nest, 267 false crawls and 2,736 hatchlings. Sanibel West has 606 loggerhead, 22 green nests, 636 false crawls and 17,884 hatchlings.

On Captiva there are 235 loggerhead, 251 false crawls and 6,198 hatchlings.

And on Bonita Beach there are now 184 nests with 92 hatched.

On another note, this is interesting from a scientific perspective, Below is an image of twin loggerhead hatchlings in an egg. It’s very rare. The majority of the time they are not viable, however the Turtle Time folks tell us they have encountered eggs from which twins successfully hatched.