Are You Eligible For Free Money?


Rebecca Link thinks some Fort Myers Beach residents are. Link is the town liaison to the Lee County CDBG-DR funding program and she wants to help beach residents apply for the money. She will also let you know if you are unlikely to receive the funds so you can avoid filling out the complicated lengthy application form.

On Sunday Link was on our show at Wahoo Willie’s where she explained who she thinks might be eligible for the funds.

You can watch that interview HERE. If you would like to discuss the possibility of applying for these funds, send an e-mail to and we will connect youl

Link will be at FMB Strong’s 820 Buttonwood location this Thursday at 9:30 to answer any questions you may have about the program.

Lee County was awarded $1.2 billion in federal funds to help residents rebuild following Hurricane Ian.


  1. Tell them your an illegal migrant. And you will get the money…it’s sad you work hard all your life and your turned down for it.

  2. As a retired lee co teachers and Fort Myers beach resident for over 40 years, we applied for this program and were immediately turned down twice because we make too much money! I called 6 times with questions. No one ever returned my calls. We lost everything! Really? Retired teachers make too much? What a joke. Don’t bother

    • The CDBG-DR requires that the bulk of the funds serve low to moderate income households, so of course there will be income limits.

      For the LeeCares programs, some of those limits are:

      1 person: $47,700
      2 persons: $54,500
      3 persons: $61,300


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