Are You Ready For The Biggest Beach Cleanup Ever?


With help from Keep Lee County Beautiful and the town of Fort Myers Beach, Beach Talk Radio is hosting an island-wide beach cleanup Sunday, January 1, 2023.

Over 300 volunteers will gather at Norm’s Beach Parking on Estero Boulevard (thanks to Chris Primeau). Free coffee will be provided by Jimmy’s Java. FK Your Diet will provide breakfast burritos to the first 150 people who show up. Every volunteer will also receive 20% off lunch at Wahoo Willie’s (on that day only).

Once you arrive at Norm’s Beach Parking, you’ll be given donated supplies (bags, gloves, etc.), then you can make your way on foot to the beach, or in your car to any location along the 7 miles of the beach. We are encouraging all volunteers to drive to a location close to where they will be cleaning so we can cover the entire beach. New debris washes up on shore from the water nearly every day so we want to cover all 7 miles if possible.

We’ll be handing out the supplies from 7AM to 9AM. The cleanup will run from 9AM to 11AM.

NOTE: There will not be free parking in Norm’s Beach Parking lot all day. After the cleanup you must either pay for parking or move your vehicle.

The town of Fort Myers Beach has agreed to pick up the trash so all volunteers should leave what they pick up in piles along the beach. If you are using a garbage grabber or bucket, we ask that you bring it to Wahoo Willie’s when you’re done cleaning so we can return them to Keep Lee County Beautiful. We’re encouraging everyone to take pictures and send them to

If you cannot make the cleanup – or you’re up north in the freezing cold – and you’d like to donate supplies for the event CLICK HERE.

All supplies that arrive after our event will be donated to Keep Lee County Beautiful.


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