Atterholdt: Fort Myers Beach Going Through Renaissance


Appearing on episode #125 of Beach Talk Radio, Saturday August 8th, town councilman Jim Atterholdt reeled off a laundry list of positive changes taking place on Fort Myers Beach. He said the island is going through a renaissance.

Atterholdt was responding to the TPI/Margaritaville lawsuit being dropped by Chris Patton which was financially backed by Lani Kai owner Bob Conidiaris.

Atterholdt then listed all of the improvements and new projects that will transform the island. “We have a brand new Estero Boulevard with new sidewalks, bike paths and stormwater system. We’re going to have a refurbished Times Square soon, a refurbished Bayside Park, we’re going to have a Margaritaville resort which is going to have a tremendously positive impact on this part of the island. We’re going to have a new bridge on the south end. We’re going to have a brand new recreational and community center in Bay Oaks.”

Atterholdt, who is in his first year as a Fort Myers beach town council member said Fort Myers beach is experiencing a renaissance. “It’s a beautiful vision. I’m really encouraged and I hope the people of the island are encouraged as well and I think it’s time for us all to move forward together.”

You can watch Atterholdt’s comments on Beach Talk Radio HERE at the 17 minute mark

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