Atterholt Heard You Loud and Clear


You may recall a Facebook poll we did earlier this month about the Times Square clock, which right now is scheduled to be removed, when Times Square is redeveloped.  An overwhelming majority of you want to see the clock survive the changes.

You let us know how much the clock means to you, and apparently you let the council know as well. Councilman Jim Atterholt brought up how so many of you reached out directly to him to voice your opinion.

As a result, the council will discuss how they might be able to save the clock at their next Management and Planning meeting which will be held on December 3rd at 9AM.

At that meeting the council will also discuss whether anything can be done regarding the Arches.

The group Restore The Fort Myers Beach Arches has been trying to find a location to reconstruct the remaining pieces of the structure that would welcome residents and visitors as they came over to the island. The group has met roadblocks on their plans from both the town and the county.

We will carry the town’s M&P meeting live on our Facebook page.


  1. Does seem silly that the Clock might not remain in Times Square and that on the whole beach there is no places for the FMB Arches. Both items are FMB . They should be part of every tourist brochure. We spend a lot of time and money on non issues.

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