Bay Oaks Institutes Mask Mandate For Kids


Following in the footsteps of the Lee County School District, Bay Oaks will now require kids in its after-school program to wear masks. Parents were told to make sure their kids have a mask and that they are required to wear it. The policy will be reviewed in 30 days.


  1. When the government runs the people it’s people shall suffer. History is repeating itself. Hitler did this. Yes I’m comparing the schools to Hitler. Your lack of virology has led you to believe what the media wants you to believe. Wonder why the media backs big pharmaceutical comp it’s? Money. Every commercial you see is big pharma. Who’s making money on this? Big pharma. Do some research on virology and you will see that mask is about as effective as farting through your pants.

  2. Because there are studies showing masks work? Oh wait, not there are not. Only studies showing they DON’T work and cause harm. So glad they are making health decisions for our children. ;(

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