Bayside Committee Wants Face Time With Council


A group of local business owners met this week to discuss plans they’d like to see developed at Bayside Park. The area is located between Nervous Nellie’s and Snug Harbor down Old San Carlos Boulevard. It’s one of the three projects the town has borrowed $10 million for to redevelop. So far the group has not heard back from the town to set up a meeting.

Nervous Nellie’s owner Len Lemmer is spearheading the group, which also includes representatives from Snug Harbor, The Harbour House and others. The group would like to work with the town on what they believe will work best in that small area, rather than having town staff dictate it down.

The town was close to building a 40-foot building in that location, which would have included upland services for mooring field residents, office space for staff and public restrooms. Once the business owners and local residents heard about it they attended a town council meeting, spoke out, and got the plan stopped. Tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money paid to the design consultant was wasted. That’s what led to the committee being formed.

Bayside Park Advisory Committee sketch.

The second attempt at a design from the town manager has already been called uninspiring by town council members.

The Bayside Park Advisory Committee’s ideas for the area include a portable stage, so it can be removed when not in use (and doesn’t block the view of the water), sun sails rather than shade trees and a contiguous walking path that connects the piers behind Snug Harbor and Nervous Nellie’s.

Most importantly to the committee is the lighting. At night it’s pitch black and there’s nothing that pulls customers to that area. Lighting would be a great start.

The committee would like to meet with both the town and the design consultant to pitch the plan they have finalized.

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