Beach Being Invaded By Rats


That’s what Vice Mayor Rexann Hosafras told her fellow council members Monday afternoon. She said she’s seen more rats on her street and has heard from other beach residents who’ve also said the rat population is exploding.

Hosafros said one of her neighbors had to pay $800 because a rat chewed up the electrical system in her car. And, at Chapel By The Sea, she said, they are fighting the rat problem tooth and nail.

Town Manager Roger Hernstadt said he found an article from a few years ago that ranked Fort Myers 4th in the country in terms of a tree/rat problem.

The council will discuss the issue at its next M&P meeting to see if anything can be done to address the problem.


  1. Rats and homeless. Seem to be the same type of problem. Nobody wants them and the town wants to do nothing about either.

  2. we need to remove the cabbage palms as a protected species – they are the problem! Or everyone should eliminate the “boots” at minimum.

    • My gosh YES, Paula! When we built, we removed the 2 we had on the lot and planted self cleaning trees of which there are many, and also met the native landscape requirement by Lee County. Those cabbage palms are all over the islands and many if not most, are not trimmed. Totally infested with rats.

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