Beach Blast From The Past


A big thank you to Jenny Tardiff-Paradiso for sharing this picture with us that was taken around 1963. And yes that’s Ted Williams in the middle. Here’s why the picture was taken…

According to David Locke, who posted the picture on his Facebook page HERE, the photo was taken because Sears took Ted Williams as their sports sponsor. “Sears used our Little League as models for their new line of Little League uniforms for their catalog. Instead of buying our uniforms that year they were provided by Sears. Many coaches and umpires were former professional ball players who knew Ted.”

Locke says to the best of his recollection the following people are listed from left to right. Where he remembered their names he’s included them, with spaces given for filling in any you know or remember:

Front Row (L –R) #1-10.
1 ________________
2 Dan Pawley
3 ________________
5 Larry Bright
6 Jimmy Kunkle
7 Dana Meador
8 ________________
9 Danny Carter

Middle Row included in the center was Ted Williams the only adult shown
2 Art Fivecoat
3 Richard Cowart
4 Rusty Norma
5 Jimmy Bellows
6 David Gruel
7 ________________
8 Mike Copeland
9 Steve Cammick
10 “Buzz” Wade
11 Scoot Lee
12 ________________
13 David Locke
14 Tony Pfiefer
15 Danny Pritchard
16 Pete McCagg
17 ________________,

Scoreboard Row (L-R)
1 ________________
2 Mike Pfiefer
3 ________________
4 Jimmy Dehays
5 ________________
6 Keith Chase
7 ________________
8 ________________
9 ________________.

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