Beach Residents Are Behaving Badly


That’s what Vice Mayor Rexann Hosafros says is her experience related to mask wearing. She gave an example of going to a restaurant to pick up food for a neighbor and the staff wasn’t wearing masks about 50% of the time. She says she doesn’t go back to those establishments. “I’m not finding the people know how to behave.”

She also said when she went to CVS last week, in addition to herself and the staff, only one other customer was wearing a mask. “The rest of the people in CVS were maskless. I’m finding people are getting lax. They are not listening to safety measures.”

Mayor Ray Murphy agreed with the Vice Mayor. “When you say people know what to do…all one has to do is look at the highest office in the land. A super-spreader in the Rose Garden for God’s sakes. People do not know what to do, or they just don’t care. I said it before, I’ll say it again. I’m going to do what I think is best for our people down here on the beach to keep them safe and healthy and that’s to keep going in the direction that we’re going. By all indications, we’re being told this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. They’re predicting this winter, in places, can be catastrophic. And, if it’s going on up north, guess where they’re going to come to get away from it, they’re going to come down to Florida. This is not the time to let down our guard.”

The Mayor then spoke about the town’s mask and social distancing ordinance, which the town has not been enforcing. “I’ve been criticized for making statements about that. You know what, maybe it’s time to start going into these establishments (restaurants) and see whether these ordinances are being followed. Maybe it’s time. If they are not going to follow the law and the disease starts spreading again, well where are we then?”

Murphy went on to say that the disease is exploding again on the east coast. And, he believes if Miami Beach closes down the people that live there will come over here. “And that’s what we’re trying to avoid. We’re trying to keep our people healthy. Not just our citizens, but also our guests. “We’re trying to assure them they are going to be safe when they come down here to visit us.”

Fort Myers Beach has had a mask mandate for months but has not enforced it. Lee County has never had a mask mandate, choosing education over mandates. Governor Ron Desantis issued an Executive Order suspending all fines issued in the state for mask and social distancing violations.



  1. Bad boys and girls. Behave yourselves. You are all on the naughty list. Never mind, the town canceled Christmas.

  2. Wear your mask for your protection. It’s not for my protection. Just like a seatbelt. Do you wear yours to protect the person in the other car or you?

  3. Masks used do nothing. Drywall dust infiltrated every one in tests. Drywall dust 10,000 times larger than virus. Any questions?

  4. The mayor and his three dollar town attorney evidently need hooked on phonics. As they can’t read the governors order stating no town can mandate or fine due to COVID. The town attorney went on to say he’s check with his Miami friends as their mayor says exactly what the governor stated. Let these business people alone. Do you really think COVID comes from a certain business? Fishing boats are COVID free? Help these businesses thrive so we towns people don’t have to pay high taxes in the future.

  5. I wear my mask everywhere it is required. I actually have a nice assortment in different prints :-). In Leland Michigan there is a designer clothing store Katie and I shop in. Both she and her husband are in their early 70s and don’t wear masks in their store, and don’t require it of their customers. We are in there an hour or more at a time. They remain completely healthy and so do we. Same with an art gallery in Glen Arbor Michigan. No mask worn by the gallery owner and we are in there sometimes for 30 minutes to an hour talking with him about the artists (and our purchases). Another is our Golf Club we belong to in Hamilton County, Indiana. Private Club so no masks required, but the employees all do in the pro shop and dining. We feel completely comfortable eating in the clubhouse frequently. Guess what….no illnesses reported all 3 places. But then, we wash our hands and use toilet paper LOL! I do need to add, I am very respectful with social distancing even with my mask on in establishments where it is required and oh my gosh yes, around anyone with a compromised immune system. VERY careful!

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