Beach Theater Closes


The rumor of the theater building selling has been swirling for months. Nick Campo has been operating the theater since 1999. He told Beach Talk Radio News that as of last night, the Beach Theater is officially closed. He said, “it’s surreal after all these years.”

Between 10 and 12 people, that worked at the theater, will be looking for new jobs as of today. Campo hosted a grand finale party for his staff at the theater last night after the staff was informed earlier in the day that the theater is now closed.

Campo said he’s heard a lot of great things about the new owners but has no idea what they plan to do with the property. He did say the new owners were willing to help the employees find work, while they look for new jobs.

The new owners also purchased Gulf View Manor apartments located across Estero Boulevard. In all they have just under an acre of property. The Beach Theater building being 9,200 square feet.

Many of you have been sharing memories about the theater on our Facebook page HERE.
We interviewed Nick Campo on Episode #165 of Beach Talk Radio. Check it out HERE.

We have spoken to the new owners and they have asked us to hold back on providing any additional information about the theater building until our Tuesday newsletter which we are honoring.


  1. I assume there’s no need to pick up the free tickets to the Beach Theater that I won last Saturday on Beach Talk Radio since the theater is now closed. 🙁

  2. Very sad about this but hopeful that the new owners partially reopen the theater as they say they will.


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