Best Month Ever For Bed Tax Collection


Just under $11 million was collected from the Lee County bed tax in the month of March, the most ever collected in one month. It was a 28% increase over 2021. By comparison, back in 2000, $10.1 million was collected the entire year. But there’s even more good news.

To date, for the fiscal year, $39.8 million has been collected from the Lee County bed tax, a 43.9% increase over 2021.

Hotel occupancy was up 85% in March compared to March of 2021. The average room rate was $314.59, an increase of 38% over 2021.

Vacation occupancy in March was 92%, up 13.5% over March of 2021. The average daily room rate for vacation rentals was $362, an increase of 11% over 2021.

1.5 million people went through the Fort Myers International airport in March, up 30% from 2011.


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