Bike Thefts on The Rise


That’s what West District Captain from the Lee County Sheriff’s Department told the Fort Myers Beach Public Safety Committee this week. And, this is certainly backed up by the number of videos we see local residents post to social media.

Here’s how you can improve your chances of having your stolen bike returned.

According to Lalor serial numbers help because when a bike is reported stolen a serial number can be put into a national database giving you a better chance of getting your bike back.

In addition to the serial number Lalor advises to take pictures with your cell phone and take note of any unusual markings. For example, if your bike is red and has scuff marks, or broken front brakes. You’ll want to provide all of that information when you call it into LCSO.

And, of course, the obvious way to make thieves work hard to steal your bike is to lock it up. If you leave it leaning against the outside of a bar or restaurant for any length of time, you’re inviting thieves. And that thief could be someone just to lazy to walk home or to their next location.

Sturdy bike locks range from between $10.00 and $30.00 on Amazon HERE.

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