Botty Replaces Schulberg at Calusa Waterkeeper


Calusa Waterkeeper has announced Trisha Botty as its new Executive Director. Botty replaces K.C. Schulberg who’s taking on another role within the Waterkeeper Alliance.

Botty most recently served as Head of Social Impact and Connectivity (Grantmaking Lead) at Collaboratory (Southwest Florida Community Foundation) in Fort Myers. Her extensive professional background includes positions in government, philanthropy, organized labor, and nonprofits in the D.C. metro area, Upstate New York, and Southwest Florida. She is passionate about building meaningful and authentic relationships to lift people, organizations, and communities so they can thrive. Through her experience in philanthropy, she has developed and implemented strategies to foster community collaboration, strength organization, and to deliver social impact through sustainable funding.

“Calusa Waterkeeper is impactful, science-driven, and innovative in its approach to protect and restore Southwest Florida’s vital waterways,” said Botty. “Growing up near the Great Lakes, I developed an early understanding of how the health of our waters are interconnected with the health and wealth of our communities. I am honored to represent our area’s most authoritative source on the condition of our waterways, and I look forward to building its capacity so it can have an even greater impact on our community.”

“I’m eager to begin working with Trisha to strengthen our programs to reverse the decline in our Southwest Florida waterways,” added Calusa Waterkeeper John Cassani. “Together, we will continue to test and advocate for clean water and with her leadership, she will strengthen our capacity and our ability to fight even harder than we have ever before.”