Bowditch Goes Amber


Lee County has installed amber lights at Bowditch Park. The lights you see here are part of a larger project underway at the park. Here are all of the details on what the county is doing at Bowditch.

The Bowditch Park Lighting Improvements project, which has recently reached substantial completion, included adding site lighting in the park, parking lot and boardwalk area.

The project included FWC-compliant turtle lights as required. This type of lighting emits the amber glow shown in the photo below.

In November of 2021, amber lights were also installed at the corner of Old San Carlos and Estero Boulevard when the new traffic light was installed.

Old San Carlos and Estero Boulevard

The town of Fort Myers Beach would like to light up Estero Boulevard with Amber lights. However, they are waiting for a specific type of amber light now being tested by FPL. The hope is that light would make it on the FPL tariff list so the majority of the installation costs could be covered. If the light passes the test, the town would then need to work with Lee County to get any lighting installed (Lee County owns Estero Boulevard) and come up with money for the lights.