Breaking: TPI Decides Not to Operate Jet Ski/Parasail Businesses


The following statement was issued by TPI’s Tom Torgerson and John Dammermann late Friday morning.


This started out last summer by my sitting down with Councilor Veach and discussing concerns we had with how the beach vendor ordinance functions, things that we just were not comfortable with. The conversation then and now, has always been focused around what I call “best in class” operations. We will ensure we achieve these “best in class” experiences for our guests with whom we forge relationships with for all the vast array of adventure excursions we will promote.  Whether it be kayaking in the aquatics preserve, dolphin encounters, deep sea fishing, golf cart and bicycle rentals, you name it to include the beach vendor offerings on Town Council’s agenda this Monday.

If we can not achieve “best in class” for beach vendor operations that sit right on the focal front of the resort, we will choose to not have these services on premise.  As a result of this process we have already forged relationships with people who provide these services that we will refer our business to in the absence of having it on premise.  This has never been about money or greed, as some have purported.  From TPI’s standpoint, this has always been about “best in class” operations and experiences for our guests.  We are perfectly fine not having the parasail and jet ski vendor operations on the beach out front of the future resort.

We just unexpectedly walked into what I like to refer to as a beach vendor ordinance with three legs to a stool.  Unfortunately, there is only one long leg, and that is the operators.  The two other legs, the short legs, are composed of the Town and the Property Owner.  One could say there exists a fourth leg, and that is safety.  However, I like the three-legged stool analogy because I believe each of the three legs, ingrained within them, has their own ownership responsibilities for safety.

The current ordinance has been effective in limiting licenses, kudos for that.  However, when you pull the curtain back, we believe it reveals some shortcomings and unintended consequences.  We are confident that the Council will begin to address the weaknesses of the current ordinance in the best long-term interests of FMB.

Lastly, we are saddened that the debate over this has regressed to bullying, name calling, character assassination and assault.  We are better than this!  We are willing to sit back for now and not have these beach vendor operations on property in the hopes that this will serve as a platform for a bright new beginning to the future of this industry on FMB.  This isn’t shouldn’t be about TPI-FMB, the discussion needs to be focused on what is right and in the best interest of the community.


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