Brighter Bike Lanes Could Be On The Way


As a way to make bike lanes more visible and safe, and encourage more people to bike rather than drive, the Fort Myers Beach Public Safety Committee is hoping this Town Council will approve a plan adopt more green bike lane paths along Estero Boulevard.

Many other Florida communities are incorporating the green bike lanes, especially at busy intersections, as biking increases here the state. This picture is an example for the community to see what the finished product would look like. It’s on northern Estero Boulevard between Times Square and Bowdich Park

There’s a lot of bike traffic on Fort Myers Beach, whether it’s road bikers that ride in packs at higher speeds, tourists riding rentals to get from one place to another or locals out getting excercise. The pandemic has also led to increased bike sales with local bike stores seeing increased demand as more people turn to biking as a way to excercise while still socially distancing.

At times, where to ride on Estero Boulevard can be confusing, especially with so much road construction, and, a one lane road that, in certain spots, has a very narrow shoulder to ride on. More clearly marked bike lanes are being added as the Estero Boulevard project winds its way up to the south end.

The Public Safety Committee would like to see the green paint, in some way, go from one end of Estero Boulevard to the other to put an end to the confusion. It could be solid green or every 10 feet for example.

The previous town council had other priorities at the time and this one was not very high on their list. The County would also need to sign off on the idea being that Estero Boulevard is a county road.

Now is the time to voice your opinion.


  1. I ride a bike everyday, while this would be nice I find the most danger is motorists not stopping for crosswalks, even the one near Red Coconut with the signal. Perhaps those could be painted brighter as well with more signage about Florida state law is to yield to those in the crosswalk.

  2. I was riding yesterday and pleasantly surprised when I spotted this. We need these ASAP!!!! I have had to pass joggers running in the bike lane before. This will make them look less like berms to cars, as the current white images do become less visible. Very bike friendly and keeps bikes away from the car lanes. Visibly, it also makes the roadway look bike friendly. Now if people would just stop riding in the bike lanes going on the wrong side of the road. I have encountered that 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Out riding as we speak, I am only here for a few months but just road over one North of Time Square, I like the vivid colt

  4. Great idea! My husband and I ride every day. A lot of drivers do not seem to understand that they are not supposed to be over in the bike lane. Maybe the green will be easier to see and get the point across. We bikers need all the help we can get!

  5. I think this is wonderful!!!! All for it! I will feel much safer with a more visible designated lane. I don’t ride on the sidewalks anymore, now that most of the road is available to ride on. I also think this sends a bike friendly message. The only time I don’t like bike lanes is when they put them between road lanes. That makes no sense. (Side note: off island I ride on the shared pathways and off the Streets). Hopefully it will be in the budget as well, for repainting when needed.

  6. It was not my idea but I commend Councilman Allers for bringing it forward. I was just having lunch with a friend today who lives on the East coast of Florida and he tells me the green bike lines have been very helpful to his community. The easier and safer we make it for people to travel by bike, the more we can put a dent in our traffic problems. With these wonderful new sidewalks on Estero Blvd., the timing could not be better to try some new ideas.

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