Brighter Bike Lanes Could Be On The Way


As a way to make bike lanes more visible and safe, and encourage more people to bike rather than drive, the Fort Myers Beach Public Safety Committee is hoping this Town Council will approve a plan adopt more green bike lane paths along Estero Boulevard.

Many other Florida communities are incorporating the green bike lanes, especially at busy intersections, as biking increases here the state. This picture is an example for the community to see what the finished product would look like. It’s on northern Estero Boulevard between Times Square and Bowdich Park

There’s a lot of bike traffic on Fort Myers Beach, whether it’s road bikers that ride in packs at higher speeds, tourists riding rentals to get from one place to another or locals out getting excercise. The pandemic has also led to increased bike sales with local bike stores seeing increased demand as more people turn to biking as a way to excercise while still socially distancing.

At times, where to ride on Estero Boulevard can be confusing, especially with so much road construction, and, a one lane road that, in certain spots, has a very narrow shoulder to ride on. More clearly marked bike lanes are being added as the Estero Boulevard project winds its way up to the south end.

The Public Safety Committee would like to see the green paint, in some way, go from one end of Estero Boulevard to the other to put an end to the confusion. It could be solid green or every 10 feet for example.

The previous town council had other priorities at the time and this one was not very high on their list. The County would also need to sign off on the idea being that Estero Boulevard is a county road.

Now is the time to voice your opinion.

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