Cameras Are Coming to Fort Myers Beach


On Monday the Fort Myers Beach Town Council will consider approving a contract with Flock Safety to install 6 license plate reader cameras on the island. Here’s where they will most likely be installed.

The six Flock cameras will be primarily used to read license plates and feed that information to the Lee County Sheriff’s Department to help them track down criminals.

LCSO has suggested 4 cameras be installed at the bridges, 2 on each bridge going both directions, one in Times Square, one on Estero Boulevard at 5th street, one somewhere on north Estero and one at the intersection of Old San Carlos.

The cameras are installed on poles and are solar powered. The annual cost for the cameras is $15,000 and there’s a one time $1,500 installation fee. The town has $25,000 budgeted for cameras.

Flock safety was launched by technology entrepreneur Garrett Langley after he experienced a property crime in his Atlanta neighborhood with little evidence to track down suspects. Listen to our interview with Flock Security’s Josh Thomas HERE.

The town is also considering cameras from a company called Greenwire which provides cameras with more real-time coverage of hot-spot crime areas on the beach and would require power and a connection to the Internet.

Video would also be stored to aid LCSO in any investigative work on criminal activities.

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