Caper Beach Club Walkaround


Saturday at 7:30 we’ll be getting a tour of the Caper Beach Club on Estero Boulevard. The two buildings were heavily damaged by Hurricane Ian 19 months ago and they are getting close top opening back up. Caper Beach Club is a condo community directly on the beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.


  1. Caper Beach Club has done an outstanding job rebuilding. From the buildings to the grounds, everything looks fantastic! There is still work to do, but it is amazing what they have accomplished so far. I was very impressed with all of Estero Island. Most all of the clean up phase been done and rebuilding is well underway. Well done FMB!

  2. Please add property addresses to your news reports about buildings. It helps to orientat when a person is not right on the island.

  3. As a 25 year condo owner on FMB, thank you for remembering us on the south end (and mid-island). Appreciate hearing how other complexes are fairing.

  4. I am an owner of a condo on FMB and we are still waiting for our permit to rebuild the main building. Unbelievably we are still going backwards! Contents still need to be removed and although we had remediation done after the storm, we have mold in areas such as the 5% of remaining drywall, ceilings, personal contents, etc. I would like to know from other mid rise building owners and board members what process they utilized to respond and rebuild from the storm. What type of insurance policies did they have? Did they use a public adjuster? Contractor(s) chosen and results from their work? Did board have a plan for such an emergency? I would like to know answers to be better prepared for the next storm. Waiting for our rebuild to commence is very frustrating when I see other mid rise condo buildings either finished or well on their way to completion. Thank you.

    • I feel your pain. FYI. NOT on condo board but my husband is/was.
      For next time….
      Don’t wait! Get generators, contractors, elevator, fire system people in line immediately! DONT wait for insurance. Waste of time. Hire lawyers. We (condo owners) basically, paid for our repairs. Still waiting for insurance money. Assessments charged to us all.
      One of first condos up and running January 2023.
      Hope this helps.


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