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The Issues

When Will The Big Three Projects Begin?

By now you probably know that the Town of Fort Myers Beach is making major upgrades to Bay Oaks, Bayside Park and Times Square. Here's when those projects will see shovels in the ground.

What Happened to The Estero Boulevard Lights?

On Tuesday The Lee County Board of Commissioners voted to award a $2 million contract for street lighting and landscaping on the recently widened section of Alico Road from Ben Hill Griffin Parkway to Airport Haul Road. What about Estero Boulevard?

Margaritaville Update

Every Saturday before Beach Talk Radio goes live we'll be shooting video showing you the progress of the new Margaritaville on Fort Myers Beach. It's been 17 weeks since the official groundbreaking ceremony was held. Here's a look at our video from the past Saturday.

The First Wave of Cameras Is Coming

Fort Myers Beach Town Manager Roger Hernstadt will be working with Flock Safety to install 6 security cameras, including 2 at Matanzas Pass Bridge and two at Big Carlos Pass Bridge. Flock is one of two companies the town is working with to install new security cameras.

Dune Walkover Trial Set For June

Parties have been told to be set for a June trial in the case that will determine who owns the property where the Critical Wildlife Area sits on Fort Myers Beach. Here's everything you need to know about the case...

Estero Boulevard’s Lighting Future?

If you've been to the intersection of Old San Carlos and Estero Boulevard at night you've probably noticed the amber lights above the new traffic signal. There's a growing number of people on the beach who believe these amber lights will eventually be the lights we'll see up and down all of Estero Boulevard. Here's what we know.

SCCF Happy With Upcoming Corps Decision

The Army Corps of Engineers is in the final phase of evaluating modeling data used to support the new Lake Okeechobee System Operating Manual. This Tuesday the Corps will present the model that will be used as the basis for LOSOM for the next 10 years.

Town Receives $1 Million Grant For Bay Oaks

The Town of Fort Myers Beach will be getting a $1 million federal grant to help pay for the cost of the redevelopment of the Bay Oaks Recreational Campus. The grant is from the National Park Service - Land and Water Conservation Fund.  

Mayor: I Want To Own Estero Boulevard

Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy wants to take over Estero Boulevard from Lee County. Of course, along with that, comes the upkeep, maintenance and every other cost associated with owning one of the most traveled roads in Lee County. Here's why Murphy wants that road.

Here’s What Lee County is Paying For Estero Blvd. Lights

Lee County will contribute $1.4 million toward lights on Estero Boulevard. That's the dollar amount the county and the Fort Myers Beach government agreed to as part of the Estero Boulevard road construction project.

Bayside Park Will Be The First of The Big Three

The Fort Myers Beach Town Council has approved a contract with Wright Construction of Fort Myers to upgrade Bayside Park located between Nervous Nellie's and Snug Harbor. The cost of the project will be $885,346 and the work is expected to begin around January 1st.

Homeowner Responds to Walkover Criticism

Last week we reported about how the Fort Myers Beach Town Council's legal battle with homeowners Eddie Rood and Kurt Kroemer could wind up costing taxpayers millions of dollars more for beach renourishment. Kroemer is now responding to criticism he received from a local resident who's called them out regarding the CWA

How The CWA Could Cost You Millions More

(By Ed Ryan) During a presentation regarding the Estero Island Shoreline Protection Project the town is undertaking to renourish its beach, Mike Poff the President of Coastal Engineering Consultants dropped a multi-million dollar bombshell on the town council.
Blvd Segment 2 Photo – Finished Estero Boulevard Segment 2

County Has No Plans To Pay For Estero Blvd Lights

On Monday the Fort Myers Beach town council approved a resolution recommending Lee County install amber lighting along Estero Boulevard and authorized the Mayor to coordinate that implementation. Here's what the county had to say about that resolution.

The Verdict is in. Amber it is.

At the Fort Myers Beach Town Council Management & Planning meeting Thursday it was decided that Estero Boulevard should have Amber lights year round. How that becomes a reality could be as complicated as it was to choose which light to use.

Beach Shooter Sentenced

Jatavion Craig will spend 18 months in prison after he plead guilty for firing a handgun on Fort Myers Beach. The Memorial Day incident led to a 3-day manhunt with Craig eventually being found and arrested in Alabama,

The Beach Beautification is Well Underway     

It's been 7 weeks since the biggest names in Lee County grabbed a golden shovel and tossed a little sand around so the local media could snap a few photos. This week more progress. The land in front of The Lighthouse has been cleared and the Pierview Motel was demolished. Click HERE to see more pictures from the TPI Margaritaville Resort construction project.