Rood Files ADA Lawsuit Against Town

The Issues

Rood Files ADA Lawsuit Against Town

This new lawsuit is in relation to the Dune Walkover Rood is fighting the town over. In the filing, Rood says the walkover is a necessary and reasonable accommodation of his disability, and would be necessary for his access to public lands directly adjoining his private property.

Time To Clear The Air About Bay Oaks

On January 11th the Fort Myers Beach Town Council will hold a joint meeting with members of its Bay Oaks Recreational Campus Advisory Board. At issue is whether the town will spend approximately $5.5 million on a new Bay Oaks facility or $15 to $20 million. Here's what got us to this point.

Latest Bayside Park Design Deemed Uninspiring

Town Manager Roger Hernstadt just can't get it right when it comes to redeveloping Bayside Park. At first Hernstadt and the town staff presented a 40-foot high view-obstructing building that would have been wedged between Nervous Nellie's and Snug Harbor. His latest plan has also been rejected.

Tempers Flare at Bay Oaks Committee Meeting

Town Manager Roger Hernstadt was called out by several members of the Bay Oaks Recreational Campus Advisory Board for altering their plan for the new Bay Oaks facility without notifying them.

Town ‘Sets Record Straight’ on Dune Walkover

Fort Myers Beach property owners Eddie Rood and Kurt Kroemer have been using local news outlets to get their side of the story out about a dune walkover behind their homes. The town has denied Rood and Kroemer a special exception they need for the walkover and on Monday the town responded to what Rood and Kroemer have been saying.

Homeowners Respond to Town Statement

Eddie Rood and Kurt Kroemer, who are in an ugly fight with the town over a request for a dune walkover to the beach have issued a statement after watching the town council meeting on Monday and reading the town statement (which we've posted in the previous story). Here's what they say...

Letter The The Editor: Approve The Dune Walkover

On Monday both WINK News and The Fort Myers News Press carried a story on the dune walkover Eddie Rood and Kurt Kroemer have been fighting with the town of Fort Myers Beach over. We also received a letter from one of our readers that we wanted to share. It comes from Becky Van Dyke. Here's what she had to say. 

Atterholt Responds to Rood And Kroemer

Fort Myers Beach Town Councilman Jim Atterholt has become the target of the ire of homeowners Eddie Rood and Kurt Kroemer who are fighting with the town for approval for a dune walkover that would give them access to the beach.

Will The Critical Wildlife Area Be Wiped Out?

Beachfront property owners Eddie Rood and Kurt Kroemer, who've been asking the town to permit a dune walkover, for access to the beach from their properties, have filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida challenging the state's claim of ownership of the property behind their homes.

When Will We See The Margaritaville Shovels?

This week TPI gave the community a progress report on the Margaritaville Resort project now that the lawsuits are settled and the company is engaged in the financing phase. The one question that's now on everyone's mind is...when will the construction begin.

We Are Down to 24

Our friends at Turtle Time have updated the latest Fort Myers Beach turtle stats: There are now 24 remaining nests to hatch compared to last weeks 32. 

Councilman Atterholt Responds To Rood Attack

In our Tuesday newsletter Estero Boulevard resident Eddie Rood took aim at Fort Myers Beach Town Councilman Jim Atterholt after Atterholt said settling the dune walkover issue was not in the public interest. Atterholt has responded to Rood's comments. Here's what he had to say.