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Bay Oaks Design 60% Complete

This morning at 9AM members of the Bay Oaks Campus Advisory Committee will get their first look at the latest drawings for a brand new facility which is now 60% complete.

What’s Going On With The Dune Walkover?

For years beachfront property owners Eddie Rood and Kurt Kroemer have been battling the Fort Myers Beach town council over the construction of a dune walkover. While we haven't heard much about the fight with the town of late, Rood and Kroemer have been working another angle to get access to the Gulf of Mexico behind their homes.

It Was an Emotional Day For Sure

There were smiles all around Friday afternoon as shovels finally hit the sand and the hourglass flipped over beginning the countdown to the actual opening of TPI's Margaritaville resort. Our Facebook Live video from the event has now been viewed over 7,000 times.

Their Big Day Has Finally Arrived

Fort Myers Beach will be buzzing and bustling with activity this afternoon. The official groundbreaking for TPI's Margaritaville resort is finally happening. Years in the making, the golden shovels will hit the dirt at approximately 3:15, setting in motion two years of construction that will transform downtown. 

Despite Elsa, Turtle Season Looking Strong

Turtle Time tells us that on Fort Myers Beach there are now 86 nests - all loggerheads. The first generation of nests were negatively affected by Tropical Storm Elsa. Very few of the early nests survived although a couple of the nests that were deposited in the dunes did survive.

Corps Holding Press Conference Today

The Army Corps of Engineers is holding a press briefing today to discuss Lake Okeechobee water management. The Corps is working on a new operating manual for the lake that will be followed for 10 years. We'll be on the press call and will bring you a full report on our show Saturday morning.

Incident at Hooters Leads to Arrest

32-year old Fort Myers Beach resident Ryan Ray was arrested early Sunday morning charged with battery and child abuse. LCSO reports the 350 pound man started an unprovoked argument with a female and minor child that led to Ray pushing both down the front stairs at Hooters on Estero Boulevard.

Homeless Man Attacks Plaka Employee

Terry Dalton, with an address listed as "transient on Fort Myers Beach," is set to appear in court on July 6th after being accused of attacking a Plaka employee on Fort Myers Beach last week. Here's what happened.

It’s A Busy Week For Estero Blvd. Lighting

Following the 2nd stakeholder's committee meeting last week, Town Lighting, the consultant company the town council is paying to put together a lighting plan for Estero Boulevard, will be making the rounds this week.

No Lighting Decision Made As of Yet

The consulting firm charged with putting together a lighting plan for the 6 miles of roadway that make up Estero Boulevard held its second meeting this week with the stakeholders committee. Representatives from Town Lighting say they've now collected data on the current lighting setup and are formulating their plan.

Two Reasons The 4th of July Will Be Hot on FMB

Fireworks and construction. The 4th of July Fireworks returns this year, after a one-year hiatus to prevent the spread of COVID, and, a historic groundbreaking that will transform Fort Myers Beach that's been 6 1/2 years in the making.

Estero Lighting Recommendations Coming in May

According to Fort Myers Beach Public Works Director Chelsea O’Riley the next stakeholders meeting to discuss the lights on Estero Boulevard will be the second week in May. And she says recomendations from the consultant will be presented.

Committee Can’t Let Go of Bayside Park Building

Even though the Town Council has moved on, the Anchorage Advisory Committee continues to discuss the Bayside Park location for a new upland services building. Here's what committee members said this week...

That Big Bayside Building Is Dead….For Now

Never say never. Before this week Fort Myers Beach residents believed that the 3-story view-blocking building town staff nearly snuck in was long gone. It was back for at least 30 minutes this week.

Lighting Study To Take Six Months

According to Suzanne Lansford from Town Lighting Engineers, the firm the town is paying to conduct the Estero Boulevard lighting study, their work must be completed by the end of September. And, she said, that's pretty quick for such a big project.

Negotiations Are Over

That’s what Fort Myers Beach homeowner Eddie Rood tells us after he was notified that the town would not be making any modifications to its offer that would allow Rood and his neighbor Kurt Kromer to build a walkover from their house to the beach.

How Important is Water Quality to You?

Fort Myers Beach Town Councilman Jim Atterholt wants to keep the pressure on lawmakers about water quality. Working with the town staff Atterholt is putting together a campaign calling on locals and snowbirds to take action.