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Incident at Hooters Leads to Arrest

32-year old Fort Myers Beach resident Ryan Ray was arrested early Sunday morning charged with battery and child abuse. LCSO reports the 350 pound man started an unprovoked argument with a female and minor child that led to Ray pushing both down the front stairs at Hooters on Estero Boulevard.

Homeless Man Attacks Plaka Employee

Terry Dalton, with an address listed as "transient on Fort Myers Beach," is set to appear in court on July 6th after being accused of attacking a Plaka employee on Fort Myers Beach last week. Here's what happened.

Two Reasons The 4th of July Will Be Hot on FMB

Fireworks and construction. The 4th of July Fireworks returns this year, after a one-year hiatus to prevent the spread of COVID, and, a historic groundbreaking that will transform Fort Myers Beach that's been 6 1/2 years in the making.

Committee Can’t Let Go of Bayside Park Building

Even though the Town Council has moved on, the Anchorage Advisory Committee continues to discuss the Bayside Park location for a new upland services building. Here's what committee members said this week...

That Big Bayside Building Is Dead….For Now

Never say never. Before this week Fort Myers Beach residents believed that the 3-story view-blocking building town staff nearly snuck in was long gone. It was back for at least 30 minutes this week.

Negotiations Are Over

That’s what Fort Myers Beach homeowner Eddie Rood tells us after he was notified that the town would not be making any modifications to its offer that would allow Rood and his neighbor Kurt Kromer to build a walkover from their house to the beach.

How Important is Water Quality to You?

Fort Myers Beach Town Councilman Jim Atterholt wants to keep the pressure on lawmakers about water quality. Working with the town staff Atterholt is putting together a campaign calling on locals and snowbirds to take action.

Corps Altering Lake O Releases For Study

The Army Corps of Engineers is making a temporary deviation to the Lake Okeechobee release schedule this week to facilitate a study by the South Florida Water Management District and U.S. Geological Survey to develop methods to indirectly measure sediment transported from the lake to the estuaries.

Lani Kai Murder Lawsuits Moving Forward

This week Lee County Circuit Court Judge Keith Kyle set a case management date of March 12th in the lawsuit filed by Johnny Jackson's mother Thomasina Daniels. Jackson was killed outside the Lani Kai in July of 2020. No arrest has been announced for his killing.

Boulevard Lights Back in The Spotlight

It could be the most studied road in Lee County, perhaps the United States. The Fort Myers Beach Town Council has been trying to figure out how to light up Estero Boulevard since at least 2013. The Boulevard is back in the spotlight and you'll be writing another consultant a big check.

Margaritaville Shovels By Summer?

A Margaritaville resort on Fort Myers Beach is getting closer to becoming a reality. It’s been a long 6 year odyssey for TPI developers, but their hope is to put shovels in the ground in May or June and if all goes according to plan, Margaritaville could be open in a little over two years.

Some Not Happy With Town Design

Business owners from Nervous Nellie's, Harbor House, Snug Harbor and Marina Village have written the Fort Myers Beach Town Council with a list of concerns over the latest Bayside Park design.

Times Square Facelift Moving Forward

Fort Myers Beach town council members seem to like the current design put forward by design engineer DRMP and they also agree that delaying the project one year is the best course of action for everyone involved. Here's why...

Here is Your New Bayside Park

The Fort Myers Beach town council gave staff direction to move forward with the Bayside Park plan pictured here. Bayside Park could be the first of the three major projects, the town has borrowed $10 million to help fund, that sees shovels hit the ground.

Torgerson Joins BTR Tomorrow

Set your alarm for 9AM tomorrow folks. The episodes of Beach Talk Radio in which Tom Torgerson appears are always our most viewed. We'll get a Margaritaville update from Tom, and his TPI partner John Dammermann. And we'll also talk to Tom about his latest project, Gulf Marine Yachtworks.

Town Makes Offer To Approve Dune Walkover

After spending $500,000 of taxpayer money (so far) to prevent two Fort Myers Beach homeowners from building a dune walkover in their backyards, the town has suddenly proposed a settlement which includes approving the walkover.

Town Ready To Go With New Bay Oaks Building

The Fort Myers Beach Town Council has given Town Manager Roger Hernstadt direction to move forward with his scaled down design of the new Bay Oaks campus. The Bay Oaks Advisory Board was hoping for a larger facility, phased in over time.