The Margaritaville Pedestrian Walkover is Up


The pedestrian walkover bridge that connects the Margaritaville resort over Estero Boulevard was installed at approximately 1:30AM Friday morning.

Beach Talk Radio was there to broadcast the event live. You can watch the bridge being lifted and put in place HERE.

The entire installation from start (when they closed the road) to the end (when the crane let go of the bridge and it locked in place) took less than 3 hours. It went off without a hitch. In fact the construction workers worked together like they had done something like this hundreds of times before.

The bridge, which will be open to the public, was built off the island and delivered to the construction site Monday. It took 6-8 weeks to build and was built to withstand 180 MPH winds.

The bridge is approximately 67 feet long, 10 feet wide and 17 feet off the ground.

The resort is on target to open in September of 2023.


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