CenturyLink Lands in The Town’s Dog House


Mega-company CenturyLink has not been a good neighbor, according to many Fort Myers Beach residents. The telecommunications company has ignored the many wire-filled boxes scattered across the island for over a year now. The town is getting ready to crack down on them.

According to Town Councilman John King who’s been pleading with the company to clean up their mess, CenturLink is about to get a whopper of a code violation for ignoring their broken boxes. ” We are moving forward with a code violation and will be sending them that information to cover all of their property.”

CenturyLink told Kin several weeks ago that supply chain issues are behind the inability to replace network boxes and they were going to put orange bags around the equipment for safety and aesthetics.

To date, no orange bags have been spotted.


  1. After taking a ton of money from me between February of this year to now century link has been playing games with me finally the service man that they finally were going to send out told me to go to Comcast or some other provider because they were not probably going to be fixing them.

  2. I have been in a battle with century link since March . Called trying to get phone service restored and after making several appointments, that they confirmed then canceled. I gave up , but received bills for services . So back on the phone again. In September they made another service appointment and the service tech was nice enough to text me stating that there are no fiber optic lines on FMB I thanked him for his help. THEN I get a bill for 129.00 for service cancellation!!😡

  3. I couldn’t believe I got a bill over 400 dollars. Because I didn’t return the equipment after I had called them to cancel because my house was destroyed from the hurricane!!! That was hours on the phone!!!! 😩

  4. It is my understanding that Century Link is burying cable and it has negatively affected my property. After one year we had finally finished our yard and sod but came back to a large area of torn up sod and heaped up dirt on right side of our property. They said it would be put back like it was and they would not put in any more but go diagonally under the road to the next spot. Someone has now sent us a picture of a large spot of sod that has now been destroyed in front of yard. Neither spot has been repaired and they did not stand by their word. So frustrating given it has taken us 12 months to get our property back together since the storm.

  5. Century Link has performed pathetically on FMB. (Their parent company’s stock (Lumen Tech.) value as gone down 94% over the last five years.)

  6. First, someone mention this in a past article: The town shouldn’t approve any future permits until the current mess is cleaned up. Second, what supply chain materials do they need to send someone out to cut out the old wires/boxes and remove the mess? Finally, FPL needs to clean-up their broken poles and wires too.

  7. Not to mention that the boxes are evidently starting to corrode and the lines in them the same. Connections with Century Link have gotten horrible in the last 2 months. They claim there is nothing wrong, until I present them logs of their service cutting out. Then they dispatch a tech that does “something” and the problem comes back in days. Rinse and repeat the same…..

    • I had been trying to get connected to CenturyLink starting in December 2022 as a repeat customer. Yaah, the CS people tell me a date of my connection and…nothing happens; no tech., no signal. I did this 9 times and got NO CALL, NO SHOW.
      Then, in June I get a bill for service starting in January. Called CS t I tell them my experience, I get “OK WE’LL CANCEL YOUR SERVICE.” These people are clueless. As of now, CenturyLink is still trying to collect a bill not earned from January through June.
      I am through with them!


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