CenturyLink Says The Cleanup Begins Monday


After 13 months and the threat of heavy code violations from the town, CenturyLink says it will begin removing its unusable broken boxes scattered all over Fort Myers Beach on Monday. In addition to the boxes being an eyesore they are a danger to the community with exposed wires and metal on sidewalks and street corners.

The company says it plans to have multiple crews cleaning up their mess beginning this Monday. The plan is to start along Estero Boulevard with a goal to complete the cleanup “as soon as possible.”

The Estero Boulevard cleanup is expected to take 2 to 3 weeks. The side streets with the broken boxes would be cleaned up after Estero Boulevard. The company is hoping to have everything cleaned up and removed by the end of the year. You may even see the crews removing the boxes on the weekends.

Centurylink is moving to fiber-optic lines underground. The town has been bending over backwards to help the company get the underground lines installed and council members and Town Manager Andy Hyatt were beginning to get frustrated that CenturyLink was not doing their part to clean up the useless boxes. Many of our readers and followers were equally baffled that a big company like CenturLink had done nothing to secure their broken boxes after more than a year.


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