Chief Love Could Be Working For This Cast of Characters


On the same day Fort Myers Beach Fire Chief Matt Love was in Loveland, Colorado to meet residents of what could become his new work community, a town council member was served with a lawsuit brought by the Mayor of that very same council. Love is interviewing for the Loveland Fire Chief’s position.

It all had to do with renovations being done to Mayor Jacki Marsh’s house. An attorney for the Mayor said council member John Fogle “crossed a boundary and reached a point of no return,” according to The Loveland Reporter-Herald.

The paper is reporting that Fogle is being sued for trespassing for photos he claimed he possessed of the interior of Marsh’s building, which, apparently he’s never been in, and for unreasonable intrusion upon the seclusion of another.

The entire episode has to do with permits and politics. One side is accusing the Mayor of getting special treatment and claiming work was being done before permits were pulled. The Mayor is saying all of this is being fabricated to sully her name and prevent her from running for a third term. A contractor even showed up to the meeting to say the accusations were all lies.

After Tuesday’s council meeting Marsh told Loveland Reporter-Herald reporter Jackie Hutchins people have to be able to feel free to run for office if they are of age and qualified. “For the last five, six months I heard this was going to be the plan of attack, that they were going to go after me and dirty me up so I would not run for a third term, and that’s wrong because I think anybody should be able to run for any office that’s qualified to, you know by age, by living in the city. It crossed a line and I took a step that I feel I needed to take for, not just myself, but any citizen who is contemplating running for office.”

During public comment the attorney representing Marsh said, “Enough is enough, Mr. Fogle. Your lies, your slander, your defamation, your outrageousness and frankly your stupidity have reached the end of the limit.”

Fort Myers Beach Fire Chief Matt Love is one of four finalists vying for the fire chief job in Loveland. Love, who’s from Colorado Springs, was quoted in the Loveland paper saying, he knew of the department and it feels like a homecoming from his time in Florida. Love notified the Fort Myers Beach Fire Board last week that he was up for the job.

Read the Loveland Reporter-Herald story about the lawsuit HERE

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