Chief Wants Flashing Light at Dangerous Crosswalk


Back on May 2nd, we reported that councilman Dan Allers was pursuing how to get a flashing light put in at the Lenell Road crosswalk. Allers heard from quite a few residents about how dangerous the intersection near Santini Plaza is. Last week Allers picked up an ally in his quest to make that intersection safer.

Fort Myers Beach Fire Chief Ron Martin told the public safety committee last week that having an emergency traffic signal at that location would be a big win for the community. Martin said that is an intersection the fire department keeps a close eye on.”We do have concerns about the risks there.” Also, Just down the street from the intersection is Fire Station 33.
Now the crosswalk at Lenell only has a sign leaving pedestrians to make the dash across the road when they think it’s safe. Allers says residents in that area would like to see a flashing beacon like the one in front of the Wyndham.

Martin wants any light or flashing beacon that might be put in at that intersection to include an override function for the Fire Department when they have to enter to the intersection and get out on a call. Martin sent a letter of support to the town council as they pursue the light with Lee County, which owns Estero Boulevard.

At one point in time this crosswalk was so busy that the town allocated money to pay a crossing guard to stop traffic and help people cross. Unfortunately, the crossing guard quit after being hit by a car.


  1. It would also make sense to move the one across from the Wyndom to the Island Pines Way intersection where people cross to access the beach through the hotel paring lot. It makes no sense where it’s located.

  2. Yes, every cross walk should have flashing lights just like Gulf Blvd. has in Clearwater. From Clearwater south past St. Pete Beach all of there cross walks have flashing lights. This would allow pedestrians to cross safely instead of being worried they might get hit because of a distracted driver. There have been times crossing I’ve seen people almost get hit. Drivers don’t pay attention especially during high peak months.

  3. I agree that every marked cross walk on Estero Blvd. should have flashing lights. Thank you Dan Allers and Chief Martin.

  4. Should be flashing lights at all crosswalks. Why are they at south end but not north end. Mango Rita’s will sponsor one set of lights.

  5. The Public Safety Committee has also committed to help by doing what is needed for for support to Chief Martin and Town Council to ensure that Lee County hear us and make these changes. We received numerous letters from the residents near Lenell and thank both. Thank you to Councilman Dan Allers and Chief Martin for taking these steps

  6. Every pedestrian crosswalk on Estero should have the flashing lights. The crosswalks should all be uniform so drivers are not trying to decide which crossings to stop for and which ones they may or may not stop. It causes confusion and that in turn increases the danger level for the pedestrians. There is a reason that all traffic signs are uniform, to eliminate confusion. Thank you Councilman Allers for taking action.

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