Coming to a Neighbor Near You….Pickelball Courts?


It’ll be interesting to see how the Fort Myers Beach LPA and Town Council handle this one. The property owners at 6140 Court street have applied for a variance so they can build a pickelball court in their front yard.

Pickelball is all the rage these days and courts are hard to come by, but there have also been national news stories about the noise created from the game. Should pickelball courts be allowed to be added to residential homes on Fort Myers Beach? Looks like the LPA and Town Council will have to make that call.

The property owners at 6140 have a pretty large front yard with a lot of room for landscaping. They cannot build the court in the backyard because of how close they are to the 1978 CCCL line. They need a variance to build the court because the Land Development Code prohibits certain accessory structures from being placed between a house and the Right of Way. This court would be built between the home and Court Street

If approved the property owners would create an additional buffer between the neighbors and the street.

There’s a new home being built on the property. The builder is Potter Homes. $1,800 in fees have been paid to the town so far for this variance request.


  1. Noise it creates? Call Lee Co Sheriff’s Dept. Noise out here on island is never dealt with outside non commercial areas.

  2. impervious surface calculation need to meet less than 67%
    as long as it meet this it should be OK.
    but that’s a tough task to do.

  3. What appears to be a pickleball court was recently installed at 7920 Estero Blvd. It is in the front yard. Has the LPA and Town Council already set precedent by allowing that one to be built, or was it not permitted?

    • I can’t find anything in the FMB ordinances that you need a permit to build a pickleball or tennis court – unless you need a variance for setbacks or to place it in the front yard (as a few folks have done with pools).

      I can see where you might need a permit because of stormwater/runoff like you need a permit for driveway pavers etc.

      Maybe if you don’t need a variance due to placement location, you don’t need a permit?? Sounds like a good question for the mayor this weekend (not that he’s required to know the ins and outs of permitting LOL).


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