Committee Unanimous. “We Want More Officers.”


This week the Fort Myers Beach Public Safety Committee voted 6-0 in favor of the Town Council budgeting for at least two Lee County Sheriff Community Police Officers. Committee member Jim Knickle believes 4 should be hired. Each officer brought in will cost approximately $112,000.

LCSO West District Captain Tim Lalor told the committee that while community policing will enhance the current LCSO patrols, this beach is absolutely safe. “I want people to know they are safe here. The core services are enough to keep the beach safe.”

Lalor went on to say that community policing will not show immediate results. Officers try to attack issues and problems before they arise by getting to know the members of the community.

Whether or not the town council votes in favor of community policing is still a question mark. Both Councilman Dan Allers and Jim Atterholt are strong proponents of adding at least 2 officers. Vice Mayor Hosafros has been vehemently against. Councilman Veach also seemed to be leaning against. It may come down to the vote of Mayor Murphy, who, by the way, has always said keeping residents safe is his highest priority.


  1. Also
    You had the sheriff scheduled to speak/interview with you for the first time.
    What happened there??
    I have never met this man on the beach just out and about in our community.
    We have had a rash of weird crimes recently and honestly the workers on this island have never felt so unsafe after hours.
    With poor lighting and the homeless lurking everywhere.
    I had people crawling on our roofs after hours,people breaking into my restrooms after hours.We have had 3 shootings in last 12 months in a half mile core area.
    From out front of beach by wicked wings down to Lynn Hall park.
    We have had 2 seperate Times Square employee confrontations with criminals .
    There are countless run in with the homeless and them being asked to leave our premises.
    I’ve had 2 Yahoo’s break a $250.00 table by just body slamming on it for no reason.
    Another after hour crime that goes unsolved.
    Sorry just telling the facts .

  2. Well there are extreme mixed messages coming in on this one.
    You got the Captain insuring that core service is enough.I trust his word.Which he also supports community policing ….
    On the other hand we have had LCSO state that the vast amount of ordinances on FMB cannot be always promised enforcement by LCSO…
    Also have heard in past years in the off season only 2 deputies are working night shifts in west district….if they are dispatched in a emergency off island, there are none…

    So there we go …
    Round and round again…

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