Community Foundation Distributes $93,000


At the group’s annual meeting, held at the Suncoast Credit Union Arena Tuesday Night, the Fort Myers Beach Community Foundation distributed $93,000 in grants to beach non-profits and scholarships to qualifying 33931 students.

The money was raised throughout the year through Community Foundation fundraisers like the King Foundation Casino Night, the 2024 Pickleball Tournament and participation in the Woman’s Club Putt N’ Pub and Christmas Tree Festival.

Money is also raised through donations. YOU CAN DONATE HERE

This year grants for varying amounts of money were awarded to We gave funds to:
The Fort Myers Beach Art Association, Bay Oaks Recreation Center, the Fort Myers Beach Elementary School, Estero Island Historic Society, Friends of Matanza Pass, Ostego Bay Foundation, FMB Strong, The Beach Kids Foundation, Edison School of Sailing, Keep Lee County Beautiful, and MERTF.

$1,000 scholarships were also awarded to 10 students who qualified in the 33931 zip code.

In addition, $10,000 was awarded to FSW for pass-through scholarships, which is for immediate distribution. And, another $10,000 was awarded to FSW’s Endowment Scholarship which will be available for fund distribution in 2025. That brings the total Community Foundation FSW Scholarship Program Endowment contribution to $70,000 in only 4 years.

We would like to thank The Community Foundation for inviting us to their event.


  1. Thank you and I hope Bay Oaks uses some of those dollars to bring the pool back. So many of us are still trying to get back to our normal routines, but the loss of water aerobics, has put a damper on our well being. Not to mention the lifeguards who were employed by Bay Oaks and now out of jobs. Please put a big I the town’s ear.

  2. We at Fort Myers Beach Art Association are very grateful for the support of the Community Foundation! It allows us to continue to fulfill our mission statement and keep art on the beach. Thank you for your generous donation!

  3. What a wonderful contribution the Community Foundation makes to the well being of our community. Education has always been a priority from summer camps, projects at the school and of course scholarships . I am so proud of the students from our area who go to our own great state college, FSW, or other educational institutions . Most remain in the area working in our schools, hospitals etc. The Community Foundation makes us all winners.


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