Community Group Draws Up Its Own Bayside Plan


After the Town Manager’s first 40-foot Bayside Park building whiffed badly with the community, and his second stab at the project was labeled ‘underwhelming’ by the town council, a group of local residents has come up with its own design it hopes the council will consider.

A Citizens Advisory Board has been organized to lobby the council. Here’s the design they’ve come up with….


  1. This Citizens Advisory Board came up with a very nice design. Only one thing I see missing is a tribute to veterans as was previously requested for this area.
    Instead of paying big money to design companies we should tap the talents of our residents to come up with the designs. They live here and know what would work best for our Fort Myers Beach vibe!

  2. I LOVE the design the Citizens Advisory Board came up with for the Bayside Park. Too bad so much money was wasted on the design firm and the totally off-the-mark design they came up with when we have such talented residents!

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