Council To Discuss Open Seat Monday


After Bill Veach quit the Town Council last month over the new financial form all local elected officials must complete as of January 1st, the Fort Myers Beach Town Council will start 2024 with only 4 members. Who might fill that seat?

The 4 remaining Town Council members are expected to discuss the vacancy Monday at its first council meeting of 2024. According to several council members, so far they’ve only heard from one person interested in filling the open seat; Scott Safford. Safford has been a long-time member of the Local Planning Agency and is the co-owner of the Sea Gypsy resort which was destroyed by Hurricane Ian.

The seat left vacant by Veach is up for election in November this year. The council could appoint someone until the election is held in November. They could also choose to leave the position open until the election.

Veach didn’t plan to run and Safford says he would not run, he would only fill the seat until November.



  1. Veach’s decision to delay his resignation until the final possible day, despite announcing earlier that he would not run next year, raises concerns about his commitment to the tax-paying residents of FMB. The relevant law was enacted over seven months ago in May 2023, prompting questions about the reasoning behind waiting until the eleventh hour. This delay unnecessarily hampers the process of electing a more dedicated individual for the citizens of FMB, who are actively engaged in rebuilding efforts.

    By remaining in office to collect a salary despite his intention to resign, Veach appears to prioritize personal gain over the best interests of the town’s residents. This decision not only incurs additional costs for the town but also denies the opportunity to allocate resources to someone more committed to addressing the pressing needs of the community, especially in the aftermath of recent devastation.

    Regrettably, Veach’s actions seem indicative of a self-serving individual who may be using the new law as a convenient excuse to abandon the residents of FMB and potentially hide something. Regardless, it is time for a change, and his departure is a welcome development. Veach’s focus on issues such as turtles, failed berm systems, beachfront easements, workforce housing, and personal interests aligns with the current council’s priorities. Unfortunately, the lack of resignations from the entire council is disappointing.

    As I put my name forward to be on the council and plan to run in the upcoming election, it is crucial for the current council to recognize the importance of letting the election process determine the preferences of the town’s people for their elected officials, rather than relying on appointed puppets. There have been instances where my attempts to participate in the LPA were thwarted, indicating a desire to maintain control over the town’s politics. It is evident that FMB needs more qualified and conservative individuals with common sense and a genuine desire to assist the island’s residents, steering away from the influence of opportunistic developers.

    Having been a part of FMB for 35 years, I am well-aware of the corruption and deals that some members of the past council, who have been in office for too long, have engaged in, causing significant damage to the island and its residents. It is time to flush out these issues and refocus on the island’s overall well-being. Reestablishing the five-district system with each council member representing their district, as it was initially, will help restore balance and prevent undue influence from developers over the entire council.

  2. Bill Veach was a big cheerleader for “workforce housing” as is the current mayor. Let’s hope whomever gets appointed isn’t pushing this liberal agenda. This AM on the news I saw the Denver mayor talking about the influx of illegals and he was stating that they have transistioned the illegals (he called them migrants) into “work-force housing”. I am 100% against any town council member hiding their political party and we as home owners need to investigate anyone sitting on that council so we know what their agenda will be. Veach’s was turtle lights and work-force housing. I don’t recall him campaigning on that.

    • Correct about Veach and his favored projects. But I’m thinking not correct about the current mayor pushing workforce housing on the Island.

      • Steve, with all due respect, do your home work. There are many statements he has made regarding “work-force” housing. I have even seen videos of him discussing it. He was even talking about it before Ian. There are videos where he met with developers about work-force housing. He has tried to pull back from his previous statements because it is wildly unpopular. Allers is not a home owner so he doesn’t have skin in the game like the rest of us. Work Force Housing will bring down the value of your property, period. I expect Holly O “the expert” who doesn’t even live in the state nor is she a home owner should chime in on this, any minute. She will cite my ignorance regarding work-force-housing. I can assure you, I am not ignorant to the effects of work-force-housing in an area. We need to make sure that no “stand alone” work force housing ever is allowed on this island.

    • Agreed, no one will have any control over who is allowed to live in work force housing once any federal dollars are accepted. Really that simple. Thus bring the crime to our doorstep without a police force.

  3. There are many that can clearly do a great job in this open role. One can only hope that more than one steps forward or is open to nomination for the seat. If a choice of one is all there is, regardless of how well that one is suited for the seat, it may be best to wait until November and allow the voters to make this selection. We have a great council, and the voters placed all of them. I look forward to one day having our home rebuilt so I can vote in FMB!

  4. Scott Safford is a very qualified individual for the vacant Council position and a great choice to serve until the November election


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