Council to Hear Myerside Pitch


On Monday the Fort Myers Beach Town Council will hold the first of two public hearings to consider the new Myerside Resort. The 49-unit boutique hotel would be built on Estero Boulevard next to the Library. Last month the LPA, in a unanimous vote, approved the project.

The 53,463 square foot resort would include 45 hotel rooms, and four 500 square foot live/work units. The resort would also include 9,000 square feet of retail space, including a 2,250 square foot restaurant, on the 1st floor.

The town code calls for 89 parking spaces for this proposed structure. Owners Beverly Milligan and Rolland Weinmann are asking for a 30% reduction in parking, down to 60 spots.

They are also asking for more height than what’s allowed. Town staff states the height limit in that zoning district is limited to 30 feet and 3 stories. The Myerside ask is 37 feet and 4 stories. Town staff says that the maximum allowable units on the property is 20 (using a multiplier for hotel units). The Myerside team calculates that they are allowed 30 units by right. The Myerside ask is for 49 units. Before the storm Myerside had 12 units.

In all Myerside is requesting 6 deviations from the Land Development Code in order to build the resort. Town staff recommends the Town Council approve the proposal with 6 conditions that will be discussed at the Town Council meeting Monday.

If the Town Council approves the project it will take approximately 8-10 months to acquire all the permits to start construction. Milligan tells Beach Talk Radio if everything goes smoothly, after Town Council approval, construction could begin in late 2025 and take 18-24 months to build. That would peg the opening in the Summer or Fall of 2027.

All but one of the 7 Myerside cottage buildings on the 1.03 acre lot were wiped out on September 28, 2022.

The second public hearing will likely take place June 17th.



  1. IF council keeps approving these large developments, WHY do we need our own council. Moving back to lee county would spare the taxpayers the expense of paying for all the town salaries, health insurance, trips to DC that Andy, Frankie and Dan enjoyed at the taxpayers expense. This council is a joke and they don’t prioritize residents.

    • If Lee County was in charge then FMB Estero Island would look like Miami. Joseph, you are a clown. The trips taken by our great mayor and administrative staff results in millions of dollars. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Betting you are not on the island, keyboard warrior And yes, I’d vote yes

      • Exactly. It’s not like those trips to D.C. are for sightseeing; the DC and Tallahassee trips result in more $$ for FMB.

  2. What are the “public benefits” that justify a 245% (towns number) or even a 61% increase by Myersides figuring. Did staff and LPA approve because it looks good or to have a place to eat and drink nearby.

  3. I think it’s a beautiful concept for our new and improved community. This is an excellent example of how to move forward with a tropical island vibe.

    • This is hardly corporate greed these folks are my neighbors and are just looking to improve their property and our town. They are also providing housing for their employees this is the type of project that deserves to have a closer look at rather than just taking the no growth stance.

  4. Too much density, too much height, and virtually no benefit to Fort Myers Beach residence. The council should Make their lives easier, and the lives of their staff, by stating as a public policy that absolutely no development will be higher or contain more density Margaritaville Resort, which, among other things, conveyed property to the town, created beach, accesses, and beach, parking, made restroom facilities, available to the general public, and are providing a 25% discount to Fort Myers Beach residents.

  5. Seems like too many deviations. No point in having rules and regulations if you are going to ignore them. Picture is beautiful.


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