County Trucks in More Porta-Potties


And that’s because the Lynn Hall Park restroom renovation project will not be complete by this weekend as originally hoped. The County says the delay is due to issues getting materials delivered on time.

During the $450,000 renovation project, which began back in March, the county brought about 10 portable restrooms into Lynn Hall Park. This weekend there will be triple that number to accommodate the big holiday crowd expected.

Here’s the official statement from Lee County about the delay. “The Lynn Hall Park restroom renovation project – like many current construction projects in both the private and public sector – is experiencing delays in material deliveries. Although the project is near completion, it will not be open to the public for the holiday weekend. We will provide further updates as they become available. To accommodate beach visitors, additional portable toilets have been placed at Lynn Hall Park. Lee County Parks & Recreation appreciates the public’s patience at this time.”

The renovations to the restrooms include two toilets and one urinal being added to the men’s room. Four toilets and one sink are being added to the ladies room. In addition, the county is converting space now being used for storage to two family style restrooms.