Craft Beer at Tuckaway Cafe By Mid-Summer


Who wouldn’t want to sit on the patio of The Tuckaway Cafe with an ice cold, freshly brewed craft beer? Tre and Amy Gillette, owners of the popular Tuckaway Cafe on Estero Boulevard, have received town approval to brew and sell craft beer.

Because Tuckaway Cafe is zoned Commercial Planned Development an amendment to the CPD was needed in order to brew beer for consumption. The Fort Myers Beach town council approved the change this month.

Tre tells Beach Talk Radio News that his final hurdle is getting approval from the state before the brewing can begin, and that should be done by the middle of this summer.

Gillette says the plan is to make the beer in 10-15 gallon batches then sell it by the glass or can for customers to consumer at the cafe only. He has six different flavors in mind. They will be allowed to sell up to 10,000 kegs of beer per year for consumption at the Cafe. They will not be distributing beer.

The Tuckaway Cafe has had a beer and wine license since 2017.