CROW Admits 3,000th Patient of the Year


The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife admitted its 3,000th patient of 2021 this week, three weeks earlier than reaching the same number of admissions in 2020. The patient, a fledgling common grackle, was rescued in Fort Myers after being found in the back of a work truck.

“It is astonishing how the number of patients admitted to our hospital continues to grow year after year,” says Alison Charney Hussey, executive director for CROW. “Our staff, students and volunteers continue to give their all to treat and rehabilitate our patients. The support of the community with their time, talents and treasures allow us to continue our mission.”

As the 3,000th patient, the grackle marks a milestone for patient admissions. So far this year, CROW has seen an approximate 15 percent increase in patient totals as of the same date last year, a year which ended with a record number of admissions. Since 2012, patient admissions to the wildlife hospital have increased by more than 55 percent.

Due to the location of the bird’s nest being unknown, the grackle will be raised in the wildlife hospital until it is old enough to be released. Although in this situation it is needed, humans should be a last resort for raising baby wildlife.

Every year wildlife hospitals, like CROW, are flooded with young animals that are abducted away from their parents by well-intentioned people who believe these babies to be orphaned. In fact, wild animals are very devoted to the care of their young and human interference is rarely warranted.

If you see something clearly wrong, like a fallen nest or an obvious injury, please contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for advice on the next steps before trying to help. In most cases, a fallen nest can be replaced into a tree or nearby bushes, but an injured animal needs medical attention. CROW’s wildlife hospital is open 365 days a year from 8am-5pm. If you find a baby animal and are concerned it may need help, please call CROW at 239-472-3644 for more information and assistance.

If you would like to make a donation to CROW, please visit or you can donate through CROW’s Facebook page.