CVS To Open By End of Year


Fort Myers Beach residents have been waiting for something, anything, that sells basic daily needs to open, whether it’s Publix, 7-11 or CVS. None of the three national companies has been communicating with the town as to when they might re-open….until now.

According to Fort Myers Beach Vice Mayor Jim Atterholt, the CVS on Fort Myers Beach plans to submit permit applications to the town in about 6 weeks with a goal of opening by the end of the year.

Atterholt spoke to Pat Malone, the CVS Sr. Project Manager for Real Estate & Construction for the State of Florida. Atterholt said he expressed to Malone how important it is to have a pharmacy on the island and Malone was in strong support of that sentiment.

CVS is located near Santini Plaza on Fort Myers Beach there hasn’t been much activity on the building at all. Residents on the south end of the island have to drive all the way to Wal-Mart for groceries and medicine if they go north, or to Bonita if they go south. According to Atterholt, the federal change in the flood maps set CVS’s planning back a bit but they are now back on track and moving forward.

Here’s what Atterholt also said: “I would like to thank Beach Talk Radio and their listeners for reaching out to CVS to let them know how important this pharmacy is to our island.”